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Sakura Stainless Steel Bubble Tea Straw B-Grade

Sakura Stainless Steel Bubble Tea Straw B-Grade

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B-Grade Straws are made with a lighter stainless steel and are tinted purple on the ends.  Some B-grades also have slight scars around the blossom

A cute stainless steel straw which is easy to clean by high temperature sterilization and comes with a Nylon brush.

Order comes with
- 2 stainless steel sakura straws
- 1 portable fabric pouch
- 1 cleaning brush

Straws are stainless steel with a polished surface and the ends have an angled tip for easy bubble tea access. Straws will be food safe, rust proof, scratch proof and dishwasher safe.

Cleaning brush will also be made of stainless steel with nylon bristles.

Fabric bag provided can hold 1-3 straws and can be machine washed if dirty. For a long lasting print I would advise washing the bag inside out.

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